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Childbirth Preparation Classes - Why Choose MACFE?

Childbirth Preparation Classes. Photography by Joel Ross The Manitoba Association for Childbirth and Family Education is a consumer-based organization founded by a group of concerned parents in 1982. It was their belief consumers deserved prenatal classes that varied from the medical model, and they were frustrated by the lack of non-hospital-based programs offered in Winnipeg.

MACFE is dedicated to supporting families before, during and after the birth of a child.”

MACFE stresses options in childbirth, evidence-based care, informed choice and supports a woman's right to choose her caregiver and place of birth. We acknowledge and accept that the feelings, beliefs, & rituals surrounding the birth process differ from one culture to another & from one woman to another.

MACFE Prenatal Classes Offer:

  • Instructors who work independently or in teams under the basic tenets and philosophy of MACFE.
  • Classes that suit a variety of different schedules and circumstances.
  • A full series Childbirth Preparation class that consists of six prenatal class evenings and one postnatal class, or a weekend class of either two Saturday daytime classes, or a Saturday/Sunday combination.
  • Private, full series classes for those that wish to be taught in the convenience of their own homes.
  • Refresher courses for those clients that have previously taken childbirth preparation classes are also available.

Why Take MACFE Classes?

  • We believe that pregnancy and birth are not just physiological events, but physically normal and healthy states of most women's lives, with important emotional and psychological aspects.
  • All classes are offered in small group settings. (Max. 7 expectant women & their support person(s) for Weekend Inspired Birthing classes, and 8 for Inspired Six Week classes).
  • Small class size ensures plenty of time for personalized teaching, time to get to know the other participants and time to address individual questions and concerns.
  • Because classes are not based out of a specific hospital, discussion will incorporate all of Winnipeg's place-of-birth options.
  • MACFE follows the ICEA (International Childbirth Education Association) philosophy of "Freedom of Choice through Knowledge of Alternatives".
  • Anyone who attends a MACFE prenatal classes receives $75 off of our Doula Services. Be sure to notify the doula coordinator about which classes you’ve attended to claim this rebate!
We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule classes due to low enrolment. Please note we will make every effort to accommodate your needs should this policy affect you. On the rare occasion when this occurs, we offer any students registered for the class the option of either joining another class or a private class at no extra cost.

Private Classes:

MACFE instructors are also available for private instruction for those clients who are unable or do not wish to participate in a class. We offer a variety of private classes, including a full series that can be scheduled at the client's convenience and in the comfort of their own home. There is also a refresher class that is designed for people who have previously taken childbirth preparation classes. This session provides an overall review, as well as discussing recent changes in labour and delivery options, sibling preparation and postpartum adjustments for mother and family. A private consultation designed for those clients planning a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) are also available upon request. Please contact MACFE to discuss arrangements and private-class fee schedule.

All class participants are invited to use our lending library. We can also provide a reading list of books that are available at city libraries and local book stores.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our unique classes. For more information email us at or call Julie at 946-5226.

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